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To see if there is a link to one of these clubs go to "The Clubs" web page, and to see who has severed as Officers in Division A visit "Greater Victoria Toastmasters Officers".

’s First Canadian Club, was not only the first Toastmasters Club in Canada, but also the club to make Toastmasters International. They chartered on October 24, 1935, 11 years after Toastmasters started in Santa Ana, California.  What is different about this club?  From early days, they celebrate St. Georges Day on or around April 23 each year, with a special program and decorations complete with a St. George’s flag.  Alexander Robert Douglas Robertson, otherwise known as “Sandy” was one of the early members and was later made an “Honorary member” of the club.  Sandy’s birthday is April 23 (St George’s Day) so we usually know where he’s celebrating.
       As the number of clubs in British Columbia began to grow, they were aligned with clubs in Washington state.  When Toastmasters International decided to have them form “Districts”, BC  TMs asked to form a District of their own.  They had 4 TM clubs at the time and were given approval provided they had five clubs.  With great effort, the Union Club #331 was born on Sept 1, 1945. This is also the Club that began the “Golden Gavel” in Victoria on their own for a number of years, giving both toastmasters and the general public a chance to compete in public speaking with very little previous training.  This year the Golden Gavel, which operates separately from the Toastmaster Clubs, will be in it’s 62nd consecutive year having only missed one year during WWII.  The Union Club later changed their name to ‘Pioneer’ and today you’ll find them as Rise and Shine Club #331.
       The Thunderbird Club #396 was next on the scene having chartered on Jul 16, 1946.  On Dec 2, 1996 they celebrated their 50th anniversary  with a “Speakers Showcase” competition open to all clubs in Area 8. Among the volunteers were 3 from Birdcage, Raymond Ho, Karen Heighes and Eileen Wiedeman.  Karen won with a speech entitled “Anonymous was a Lady”.  President Kathie Black and VP-PR Diane Edwards were in charge of the program held in the Horizon West room of the Imperial Inn.    
         Camosun Club #757 was the next to charter in the fall of 1949 and is the home club of  such notables as trophy donor S.H. Clair Farris, PDG (1974-75) , TI’s 3rd VP Pat Johnson DTM and the man with the colgate smile, Carlos Martins, DTM, PDG (1985-86) who recalls being so nervous at his first Conference that he introduced himself as Marlos Cartins. This club remains one of the strong competitors in Area Two.  
         Now if you had a group of engineers wanting to form a toastmaster club in 1955, what do you suppose they would call themselves?  After sober deliberation they chose “Victoria Beaver Club” which was registered as Club #790.  True to its name, this club has a hand carved beaver timing-device, offers a beaver trophy for the evening’s best table topics plus the privilege of wearing the prestigious beaver hat for best speaker, nor should you forget their newsletter called ‘Beaver Tales’.  This club is strong on parliamentary procedure and is home to many industrious notables such as Sandy Robertson DTM, PID; Phyllis Wood DTM; Geri Turner ATM;  Ruth Reynolds DTM; and Ev Woodward DTM,  all of whom have served at Conference and District/Division level, as well as Darrel Farquhar ATM-G,  current Area 8 Governor.  A few years ago, Brian Youell, CTM from Beavers won the Golden Gavel, preventing a 5 year continuous win by Goldstream.
          Trivia:  Women weren’t admitted as members until 1974 although Doug Anderson will tell you that their club in Vancouver admitted women by registering them with ‘initials only”.  Malaspina Club,  Nanaimo proudly holds the distinction of being the last in BC to admit women!
          North of Victoria on the way to the ferry, you’ll find Saanich Peninsula Club #1288 which chartered on April 1, 1979. It’s the only toastmaster club in “Sidney by the Sea” and had a nice mix of international members from Turkey, South Africa and elsewhere as well as its members age ranging from 20 to 60 plus. What’s different about this club?  They meet in a library, have someone welcome you at the door, use table cloths and have signs for each position on the agenda, as well as each member’s name.  A huge sign on the wall behind the lectern reminds you of their name and charter date. As a two hour educational retreat per week, every meeting is filled with facts and stories making it is impossible to leave without gaining some knowledge on a broad range of subjects. This club is home to Judy Gwynn-Williams DTM  and Charlie White (think Charlie White Theatre in the new Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney).  As Area 8 Governor and Division A Governor (1994-95) Judy helped to start five new clubs: Belmont Babblers, Sierra Victoria and Club Fed at the William Head gaol in Victoria, plus “60 Minutes” in Courtenay and “Pacific Rim” in Tofino. She was also 1998 Conference Chair at a very successful “Sailing to Success” weekend in Victoria despite it also being “Swiftsure” (sail boat competition) weekend.
       Two years later “The Communicators” Club #4483 chartered on March 1, 1981. This club has produced many notable speakers of whom Graeme Roberts immediately comes to mind. Graeme entered the Div A contest on Oct 20, 2001 with a Humourous Speech called “The Vagaries of Viagara” in which he neatly tip-toed around the topic.  I remember him talking about the ad on TV with the doctor in the examining room asking the man if there was anything else and the man replies no.  Then the words “Erectile Dysfunction” flashes up on the screen.  Graham says, well let’s look at what those words mean. In my youth erect tiles was what I did with my meccano set.  And dysfunction…that’s what our prime minister) Jean Chretien) calls a get-together like this.  He won at District 21 and unfortunately the Humourous Speech stops there.  Region One doesn’t know what they missed!  (Donna Lang of Nite-Shifters was 1st runner-up).

        In 1983 the new club wanting to charter chose the name NorVic  (Club # 5060) as they were the only Club in North Victoria.  Two years later Goldstream Club # 5952 also chose their name from their location. Other than being experts at winning the Golden Gavel, this club has produced competitors for District 21 level and is home to Lt-Gov of Marketing Leni Richardson DTM, John Dyer, Chris Hyde-Lay, Art Sutherland (of Olympic ice-maker fame), Sean Nowak and Heather Katzer.
         “In Context” is the newsletter of the Context Shifters Club # 6265 which chartered on June 1/86.  Some of you may remember a speech by Dr. Ron Kuwahara “Hair Today; Gone Tomorrow” which, although it placed 3rd, gave District level fans many moments of continuous laughter.  Peter Salmon, editor Victoria TC newspaper, Nick Pearce, artist and Carolyn Thomas, Hospice Society, are also well-known Shifter Superstars. Carolyn is also a member of the Rise and Shine Club.
       I’ve been told  that “The Advocates Club # 6382” was started by a group of lawyers in a pub.  They chartered in August 1986 and currently meet at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, corner of Douglas & Broughton every Wed from noon to 1 p.m. An experienced evaluator and long time member, Doug Kelk has been to District level in the Evaluation Contest several times.
      BCBC Lunchbunch Club #6719, chartered in Sept 1987 and Data Flow Club # 3564 , both met during the lunch hour and were the first corporate toastmaster clubs in Victoria.  BCBC have since changed their name to Saanich Lunchbunch, and meet every Tues from noon to 1 pm at Investors Group – #100  4400 Chatterton Way, Victoria.
      With the aid of Peter Forrester, a new group, meeting at Sands Funeral Home, choose the name Nite-Shifters, (think about this) and  on July 1, 1987 registered as Toastmaster Club #6676.     Today, this club meets at the University of Victoria and is comprised mostly of students.  In spite of loosing members due to course completions and end of semesters, this club continues to produce cutting-edge speakers with up-to-the-minute ideas.

        A toastmaster club formed at BC Systems under the name Data-Flow Club #3564.  They were around for a number of years but were unable to keep their numbers up to charter strength and later closed.  One of their members attended the Birdcage charter banquet and presented our club with a lovely trophy to be presented to the Best Speaker of the day.
       The Birdcage Club # 8394 started as the Ministry of Finance, Office of the Comptroller General “OCG Public Speaking Group” in August 1989.  It is an ‘open club’ and at one time, members represented 13 different ministries, meeting in the legislative buildings (when not in session) and various boardrooms. The name comes from a sign at the east end of the legislature explaining that ‘Birdcages’ is what the locals used to call the collection of buildings where goverment officials of the day met before the Legislative Buildings were erected. (Also ‘Govt St‘ was formerly Birdcage Walk’). The Comptroller General Alan J Barnard, a former toastmaster himself, not only approved hosting the club but also supplied our first Toastmaster banner.  Asked why, he said, “Eileen, if you had to attend as many meetings as I do, you’d want everyone to have toastmaster training”.  The club chartered with a special banquet at UVic Faculty Club on Nov 12, 1991, when Shirley Maxwell DTM was District 21 Gov. and Trude Kwantes our Area 8 Governor.  The Comptroller General was a guest of honor as well as mentors Shirley Sarens DTM, Reeta Sanatani ATM and the late Richard Talbot DTM. All clubs were invited to send ‘reps’ to the party and Shirley will remember all the bird decorations on the tables as well as the soft feathered goose on the lecturn. Shirley said she knew she was vertically challenged but this was the first time she had had to look at the south end of a goose flying north!  Club members put on a skit called “Birds of Birdland” in which we all played a part and dressed like birds. The other toastmasters loved it and a lot of bird-talk phrases made for a fun agenda. 

         Mae Williams was our charter president and held executive meetings at the Brass Duck, the Bird of Paradise Pub …anyplace with a bird name. She later served as Area 8 Governor. Birdcage was Distinguished in its first year and has been flying high ever since, usually either Select or President’s Distinguished.  The club holds two special events each year: an annual anniversary Christmas dinner in November/early Dec and a wind-up celebration and installation of new officers in June. Other than toastmaster awards the Club gives out “Birds of Distinction” awards to those members earning extra points for the club such as two TM levels in one year,  PR in newspaper or magazines,  and serving in other TM capacities.
           Oak Bay (named for it’s location) formed in November 1994 and has Club #1882 which is believed to be a change of name from the defunct club GVHS  - Greater Victoria Hospital Society.  Darren Marr and Paul Ralfs had been working diligently to form a new club and were just one member short.  Try as they did, they could not attract one more member.  They were lamenting this fact in a public place when they were overheard by a young man who said he was interested in joining a toastmaster club. They signed him up and he gave a wonderfully inspiring speech at the charter celebration dinner!  Oak Bay is one of our stronger clubs and continues to make Area 8 proud!
           Belmont Babblers #1201 formed while they were housed in the Belmont Bldg on Government Street, and chartered March 1, 1995 with a “Black and White Affair” formal banquet. When someone suggested they might like to change their name to something more positive, they came up with a list of possible replacements but loyalty voted not to change it. This club is 1 of 6 in Area Three and finished the year as ‘Distinguished’ in 2006-07.
            When the Ministry of Environment was transferred to the new Selkirk Water Development on Jutland and Gorge Roads,  Raymond Ho and Larry Pommen, both ex-presidents of Birdcage Club said good bye to their feathered friends and started a new club called the Trestle Club named after the railway trestle turned pedestrian walkway over the Gorge Waterway. Club Fed William Head Club # 7340 at a medium security pentitentary was unable to partake in other Area activities and since some toastmasters were not keen to go there, they relinguished their charter to Trestle. Please let it be known that Area 8 held their Speech Contest at Club Fed on more than one occasion and the turn out was great, food service by the inmates our best ever and they also produced a first rate newsletter. One also said that if Birdcage were interested in changing their name, Club Fed would like to have it. On the down side, one of the inmates won the Canada Day Speech Contest but was not allowed to go to the next level in Nanaimo.
             Prior to 1998-99 Division “A” was all of Vancouver Island.  The last Div A Governor to hold this position was Reeta Sanatani DTM who had “an assistant” to help with the up-island communities.  Afterwards the Division was separated into two with Greater Victoria (Sidney to midway on the Malahat) remaining as Division “A” and the other half designated as Division G. 
              Raymond Ho DTM and former Div A Gov (1999-2000) was Judy Gwynn-Williams secretary for the 1998 Spring Conference, 5 years of the Golden Gavel as well as all Division occasions which earned him a “Secretary of Distinction” certificate.  He produced the Birdcage newsletter “Chirps from the Birdcage” started Kwik Communications which became the control and distribution centre for emailing all Toastmaster information between clubs in Victoria and District 21. And yes, he also answered the Toastmasters Victoria “Hot Line” (telephone) having taken this over from Judy Gwynn-Williams who did it equally as long.
              Yours truly helped Raymond campaign while he was running for Area 8 Governor. After listing all his accomplishments and great ability for arranging TM displays in shopping malls & the conference centre, the last lines of my speech were
“He’s calm, … cool and ... confident …as well as reliable, … responsible and … thorough.
Plus he comes ... pre packaged in a handy, ... pint-sized frame.              
Won’t you please,  
 VOTE for accomplishments,  Vote what you know, 
You can’t do better
than Raymond HO!
             Jacquie Levesque DTM and friends, had high hopes of forming a Christian club named “One Foundation”.  Although it failed to reach the magic number of 20, this group had a solid nucleus of loyal followers, who later joined other toastmaster clubs.  
 In 1999-2000 two corporate clubs, named after their place of business were each sponsored:
Sierra Victoria  (Club # 1211) and Revenue Canada’s “Tax Toasters Club #2952.   Sierra Victoria is in Area 8 and doing well while the Tax Toasters, chartered August 1, 2000 changed its name to  James Bay Toastmasters”.
        Victoria’s first ‘advance’ club was “Talk of the Town” Club #9467.  After some time it closed and a new advance club was chartered on April 1, 2000 called “Master Motivators”.  Colin Knecht,  Area Governor and a member of  The Communicators Club was the guiding light behind this one. M&M as they are called, have time for lengthier speeches, more in depth evaluations as well as lots of training sessions.  One member of M&M, Edwin Knight DTM, as part of his HPL (High Performance Leadership), did a series of training sessions at the Gorge Rd Hospital boardroom, open to all toastmasters and the general public. Later, other toastmasters did the same to earn credit for the more advanced TM designations; while the Glentana Room was used for those wishing to do the shorter Cracker barrel sessions.
In 2000-2001 the District theme “I think I can, I think I can; Believing is the 1st Step to Success” chosen by District 21 Gov Judy Laythorpe DTM was a terrific incentive with the district & division teams wearing CPR striped overalls & caps, and everyone at the conference buying red neckerchiefs. Even TI President Joanna McWilliams, who attended the Fall Conference with her banner “Friends Helping Friends Succeed” got into the act and donned a pair of overalls. Those who were there may even remember the train whistles and the Toastmaster train song to the tune of Chattanooga Choo Choo. This was also the year that Div A was the first in the province to be President’s Distinguished by May 15th. 
       Two more corporate clubs, Cromedically Speaking (Club # 6855) chartered on March 16, 2001, with Garth Coward (Div A Gov 2003-04) as the sponsor; and Coast Capital Savings Credit Union registered “Capital Coastmasters” as Club # 724977 on Oct 13, 2004 with the help of Ev Woodward (DTM & Div A Governor) plus Lt Gov of Marketing, Gord Munro replacing John Hawkins (who left Canada for “a job offer he couldn’t refuse”).
        On May 11, 2004 the Ministry of Finance & Corporate Relations registered “Revenue Ramblers” as TM Club # 673198.  These toastmasters are inspired, well trained professionals who caught on fast and will no doubt ‘up the ante’ in future speech competitions. Their club was “Select Distinguished in 2006-07.
         Last but not least is Night Hawks Club #813223 chartered June 30,2005.  As Div A Governor Ev Woodward couldn’t guarantee that this club’s paperwork would be done in time to make the cut-off for Anne Kramer’s ‘Dare to Win’ year (District 21 Gov 2004-05).  She didn’t want to disappoint Anne so she kept it secret.  Anne said ‘the day the package arrived, she had just had news from a club that she was counting on that the paperwork couldn’t be done on time, so when Ev’s package arrived it had a note “Congratulations to Anne Kramer.  All the paperwork is done. Hope we’re #1 in the World!”  It was such a surprise and made Anne’s day.
Anne Kramer completed her term as President’s Distinguished - #3 in the world! …not bad when you consider how many clubs (Districts and Regions) there are now.
          Sunday, October 28, 2007  News Flash!  I have just been informed that the paperwork for “National Money-Mart” Toastmasters, who meet at 401 Garbally & Gorge Roads, has been sent to TI HQs and will be receiving their charter & club number soon.  Two other clubs are also in the works.
I like statistics so let’s have a look at how District 21 has been doing in June at years-end:
Year Clubs Points CTMs ATMs New Members Members Dist Gov
1980 47 2194 53 14 537   Graham Garman
1985* 81 3987 282 31 1084   Jim Botten
1990 115 5666 201 41 1455   Addie Derby
1993+ 152 7070 351 75 1941   Dr Irene Evans
2005 254   565 274   10,414 Anne Kramer
2006 261   537 365   10,544 Mike Robinson
2007 256   486 225   9,955 Francois Baroux
*  CTM speeches were reduced from 15 to 10
+1993 we were a President’s Distinguished District, # One in the World!                                                        
July 2006 CTMs/ATMs were changed to CC’s and AC’s   
         My apologies to all the toastmasters who have worked tirelessly in Division A and who either did not receive mention, or not sufficient, in this write-up.  If all the truly fun, inspiring and wonderful stories were told, this column would be a book

        On behalf of Division “A”, I’d like to thank the District officers for their wonderfully commanding and inspiring leadership.  Every person joins a toastmaster club for their own personal reasons, but it’s not long before they are caught up in the Club’s efforts and activities, the speech contests and the mysterious visitations from Area Governors.  Wow, you mean there really are other clubs out there that I should visit?  Joint meetings are always a new experience:  a glimpse at other ways to arrange the agenda and help everyone to participate. Gearing up for the conferences makes life exciting, and if you actual get to attend one, who knows, you too may become a ‘conference junkie’. As well as looking like a red-sock, Big Supernatural British Columbia is a huge province and going to conferences is a good way to see, enjoy and get-acquainted with it! As a “first-timer” you’ll always remember the other ‘first-timers” you meet because they’ll become your new friends, and think of the speeches you’ll be able to give!  PLUS once you’ve gone to the District Conferences, you’ll find the Region One and Toastmaster International Conventions a whole new ball-game.  Just ask the people who attend yearly.
         Division “A” is happy to be a small part of a District rising to dizzying heights, and thanks to all your efforts, we’re equally proud to call ourselves Toastmasters! Welcome to the island. Do come, visit our clubs, our friendly members and enjoy a little part of paradise.
P.S.  In 1992-93 Dr. Irene Evan’s theme “Dynamic Club Deliver” was the same as the International President Bennie Bough.  I remember the ads inviting us to the Fall Conference to chat with Bennie Bough and his wife Kathi. (I thought “fat chance” but I was wrong. He was a very charismatic fellow, and wrote on my Speech Contest booklet, ‘Eileen, Enjoyed visiting with you. Hope Toastmasters will always be at the top of your list of fun things to do.  Bennie Bough’

Submitted by Eileen Weideman DTM. formally of Birdcages Toastmasters Club, Victoria, October 30th, 2007
History provided by Sandy Robertson to Brian Dodd in an email on September 6th., 2007
About DTMs.  The Victoria Beavers Club # 38 currently sport 5 members certificated as DTM, plus we can claim Pat Johnson as our 6th since she holds the Beavers as her "home" club. 
You see, when the designation was first developed in 1970, there were 15 of us who were named as "Distinguished Toastmasters" and received our certificates during the Hall of Fame Ceremony at the Portland Convention.  My certificate is number 8.  There's no bloody way I would want to go through the hoops faced by today's ambitious Toastmasters.
In fact, Brian, perhaps people should remember that our first 15 weren't men who were seeking glory for having worked through this course and that course.  We just happened to be doing what we considered were useful tasks to further the principles of Toastmasters International and the Founder's philosophy.  Sure, we had gone through the "basics."  You have to remember that Ralph Smedley really didn't believe in "courses" as such; he was only persuaded to write our original "Basic Training" after much kicking and screaming.  ( After that, his attitude still was that a person had to complete Basic Training, before he could consider himself a "Toastmaster." )
After some years, Ralph reluctantly developed "Beyond Basic Training," which was a series of 20 assignments.  Each one required a presentation at club level, followed by two written evaluations and the individual's written self-appraisal afterwards.  For each project, those of us working it had the opportunity to submit all this material to Ralph Smedley, who was Educational Director of TI at that time, and he would write his reaction and suggestions.  Well, it took me five years to go through BBT: I did each project (except one) twice.  The pleasant consequence was to develop a friendship with the Founder, as well as the learning experience.  Afterwards, I found myself on the educational programs of four different International Conventions, and the thing that I value more than half a dozen DTMs and such was to receive my Able Toastmaster Certificate at the hands of the Founder at the Founder's Breakfast event of the St. Louis International Convention.  That was the top award in those days, Brian.  Three years later, Barrie Goult of First Canadian Club 38, the man who brought District 21 into being as its Acting District Governor (he'd been Lt-Gov for District 2, which included BC early on), became British Columbia's second DTM.
Ralph Smedley was a good friend.  We managed to persuade him to be the special guest at the 1960 District 21 Conference in Victoria.  I think it was the very last district conference he attended outside Los Angeles.  We organized a visit for him with Frank Paulding.  Frank and Ralph had both been YMCA Secretaries, and it was through that YMCA link that Frank developed his "Spokes Club" which spawned First Canadian Toastmasters here in Victoria, with our famous bragging rights that Victoria "made Toastmasters 'International' in 1935."
My collection of "Toastmaster" magazines goes from 1954 to today, except for two or three issues.  Somewhere in the basement, I have early copies of "The Link."  ( I was the first editor -- 1959 or 1960, I think. )  PDG-21 Alan Hill took it over and made it respectable.  Our first ventures were cut on stencils, with copies hand-cranked by my wife Kathy on our Gestetner mimeo machine, also in the basement.  ( We produced a weekly mailing of "Beaver Tales" for ‘The Victoria Beavers Club as well. )  I wrote a few items for the District from time to time, which should be in the District's official records.  I remember doing research tracing where the charter numbers for BC clubs moved: in the early years when a club folded, its charter number was reserved for the next club to charter in the same district.  For instance, Victoria Beaver's charter No. 790 originally was given to the first club in Campbell River.  Others had been in four or five different places in British Columbia.  I wrote an article on that for "The Link" when Addie Derby was editor, but it was never printed: too many other exciting things going on, I guess.  I might be able to dig up a copy sometime.
Pat Johnson presents Sandy's Presidential Citation on October 15, 2005
We are currently busy organizing for the 58th Annual Reunion of my UBC Civil Engineers Class of '49 -- at Dunsmuir Lodge and the British Columbia Aviation Museum -- next week.  And I'm in a flurry of e-mail exchanges with contemporaries at my old school, Lancaster Royal Grammar School.  Lordy.  And I mentioned to you the other night that my cousin in Edinburgh has me helping with our family history, and the Club Robertson Y-DNA project too.  So these are ongoing, Brian.  The word for today is "later" -- all right ?

Cheers, Sandy.

( Hello to Mr. Red Socks, by the way ! )

PS: Brian, you mention getting a picture of me congratulating Pat as 3rd VP for TI.  Will it help to have this shot of Pat giving me the Presidential Citation plaque two years ago, before friend Mike put a red sock in it ?  Here you are  :-)

An email from Sandy Robertson to Mike (Mr. Red Socks) Robinson on September 8th., 2007
Well, Mike, I'm happy that Werner finally got his earlier credits recognized so he could go through for the DTM.  As far as I know, the requirements in 1970 were substantially the same as today.  I don't remember the details.  You had to have done everything within the previous 5 years, I remember.  By the start date in 1970 (I suppose that was a couple of months before Convention in August ), I'd submitted the paper work.  I remember I'd completed my second ATM. I'd set myself the challenge of being the first in International to complete the new Communication & Leadership program, which had been introduced at the International Convention in Cleveland in 1969.  Someone in California beat me.  I was the second to complete it.
The 1970 Portland Convention was a good one for District 21 also.  That was the first time we had competed in the top District competition, which was voluntary until a year or two after that.  So under DG David C Brown (1969-70) we made President's Distinguished.  In order for the District to qualify, we had to have a District Outstanding Toastmaster, so David picked me out as D-21's first.  And I had to walk up again in the Hall of Fame thing because we'd also won a top place in the District Newsletter category; I was once again editing "The Link" that year.  And the 15 of us had to go front & centre to inaugurate the DTM awards.
Mike, I'm surprised you hadn't seen the picture of you and the 6 PDGs before.  I had a lot of pictures given to me after the "Sandy's Tea" affair, but I had assumed that copies had been sent out to several of our "eminences" by others.  I did play with some of them after, cropping and doing a little titling; but I figured everyone had seen or received souvenirs.  I mailed out some 4 x 6's myself.  Still have a few spares I could send you if you like, but I shall attach some images to this e-mail and hope you can download them so as to print your own.  Let me know, Mike

The following Toastmasters from the Greater Victoria Area went on to be District Governors like Barrie H.E. Goult #38, Ed M.Whyte #38, W.R. 'Bill' Gazzard #38, Gordon Williscroft #396, Jack W. Gillis #757,  Jim W. McEvay #396,  Sandy Robertson PID #790, Robert Baird #331,  David Brown #1811,  Bob Bennett #790,  S.H. 'Clair' Farris #757, Graham Garman #396, Carlos C. Martins #790, Dean Harrison #1288, and lastly Pat Johnson #757 current 3rd International Vice-President.

The following people have contributed to the history: Brian Dodd, DTM, Eileen Weideman, Sandy Robertson, DTM [#8]. (c) Copyrighted Material 2007-2012