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Community Impact Speakers is an Advanced Toastmasters public speaking club, featuring experienced communicators.

Effective speeches and evaluations are guaranteed! All members have achieved at a minimum, the Competent Toastmaster (CTM) award, which means all members have given at least 10 prepared public speeches.

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6:45 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on selected days each month.


McGill Library, 4595 Albert Street, Burnaby. Just north of Hastings and Willingdon. See the exact location at Google Maps

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Community Impact Speakers

November 8 Meeting

The CIS Toastmasters club had another great meeting on November 8, 2005. The meeting was chaired by Angela, who shared a reading from the poem, "In Flanders Fields".

We had 3 speakers who gave interesting speeches on very different topics. Sanjay was first up and we all learned a bit more about pollution. Next up was Paul who did a speech about Canadians at war. Final speaker was Linda, who did a story telling speech about a couple who turned out to be her mom and dad. The evaluators for the evening were Vincent, Tasleem and Sanjit.

Next, Sanjit conducted the business meeting as our President, Mimi, was out of town. The following was discussed:
1.CIS Christmas Dinner will be at 7pm at Mr. Ho's on Dec 20. RSVP Lisa.
2.Anyone interested in being on the executive next year should contact Sanjit regarding "shadowing" the current executive team.
3.STAR of the evening will be anyone who you think excelled in their role or had a significant impact on the meeting.
4.Rob was apppointed Sargeant-at-Arms.
5.Next meeting will be Thursday January 12, 2006 at McGill Library. Also, a February 14 meeting has been tentatively set at McGill Library.

After the business meeting, our Table Topics Master, Rob, chose 5 members to participate...Ron (our newest member!)told us about the significance of Remembrance Day, Kathy provided reasons why we needed another holiday and where it should be placed in the calendar year, Vincent told us what he would do today if he met his previous enemy at war, Kim told everyone what she thought about married life and whether "Alls Fair in Love and War", and Samantha discussed Christmas elections.

Quincy, our Table Topics Evaluator, gave some great tips such as using personal stories as a tool to improve our impromptu speaking.

Judy did a fine job as General Evaluator and Samantha kept us on time.

We had one guest, Jocelyn from Global Speakers, who indicated that she really enjoyed the table topics.

STAR of the evening was Sanjit!
posted by Linda

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Notes from October Meeting

Vincent Li (chair)
Linda Levar (toastmaster)

Vincent Li
(speaker #1)
Communicating on TV #4: "Building a Friendlier Future"
Angela Louie (evaluator)

Judy Leung (table topics master)
Quincy Ko (table topics evaluator)

Kim Low (general evaluations)
Marcus Du (timer)

Club President Mimi Sukhdeo receiving Club charter from
Immediate Past District Governor Anne Kramer, with
current District 21 Governor Mike Robinson

posted by Linda

Sep 13, 2005 Meeting

Our scheduled Chairman Maureen came down with the flu. Hope she'll be back up on her feet soon! Paul stepped in at the last minute and took charge. Thanks Paul!

We also welcome our guests from Toastmasters of Today Henry, former Outspoken Toastmaster Ron and former Speakeasy Toastmaster Rob K. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of their faces in our upcoming meetings!

We should also mention Angela, who shared with us the trophy and medal she had received as second place winner at the International Speech Contest in Toronto. Welcome back, Angela and well done!

In our prepared speech section, Vincent and Sanjit each presented their vision for the club in their role as VP PR and VPE respectively in their opening speech for their HPL (High Performance Leadership) project, while Jason tried to sell his backpack to Mimi as "The Effective Salesperson" (working from the Persuasive Speaking manual). Rob, Linda and our guest Ron took turn to share their insights and provided feedback for the speakers and for all to learn.

We had a quorum of 16/29 paid members present at our business meeting and the motion is passed for collecting our dues annually, pro-rated at C$7/month in light of the increased dues at TI of US$4.50/mon.

Paul came up with some challenging topics for our table topic speakers and Kim stepped up to the challenge to provide feedback for 6 top notch table topics. Siegfried wrapped up the meeting as GE with great energy and enthusiam, with the help of Diana to keep us all on time.

Well, we did started the meeting about 10 minutes late as members try to find our new location and ended the meeting about 10 minutes late, so we are really just right on the money! A few of us gathered at the nearby Pacific Harbour Seafood Restaurant for some late dinner. Hope more can join us after at the next meeting (and we are open to suggestions for nearby dining spots).

posted by Linda

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