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Once upon a time a Y.M.C.A. General Secretary wrote to another Y.M.C.A. General Secretary; and thus was born the Toastmasters in British Columbia. Frank Paulding wrote to Ralf Smedley before July 26, 1930 from the New Westminster Y.M.C.A., to Ralf Smedley at the "Y" in Santa Ana, California.; and the founder of Toastmasters.

Frank was running a speakers club they call “The Spokes”. As a result of his letter he was at a meeting of Toastmaster at Whittier College on July 26th. The meeting discussed a name that they could use for their ‘Federation of Toastmasters’, and since Frank was from Canada it occurred to Ralf Smedley to call it “Toastmasters International”, like Rotary International of whom he also was a member. 

Before he could form an official Toastmaster's Club in New Westminster, Frank Paulding moved  to Victoria with the Y.M.C.A. as General Secretary in 1932; and like Ralf Smedley continued with the Toastmaster speaking concept in Victoria, and like Ralf Smedley had done when he was transferred, Frank started another speaking club called the “Y-Speakers' Club” for the young men at the “Y” in Victoria. Frank was transferred because of his fund raising ability, the Victoria “Y” was having financial trouble at the time in the doldrums of the thirtys.

It took Toastmasters until December 19th, 1932 for Toastmasters International, Inc. to be incorporated under the laws of CaliforniaIn Dr Ralf Smedley's book “The Story of Toastmasters”  Copyrighted in 1959, it is recorded at the October 7th., 1933 ‘Council Meeting’ of Toastmaster in Glendale, California that of the 18 clubs, the 18th Toastmaster Club came from Victoria, British Columbia. At the 1934 Convention in San Diego, Ralf Smedley states that of the 28 clubs they had on October 6th., that one club was from Canada.

The next date we have is on October 24th, 1935, the day that the Charter Members were in attendance to charter the first International Club of Toastmasters International Inc. Thus creating First Canadian Toastmasters #38 saying at every meeting .... "Putting the International into Toastmasters" .

In the following year on May 9th, 1936 the second Canadian club was charted in Vancouver, the Toastmaster Vancouver Club 59. The Chilliwak Toastmasters Club was formed, relinquished, then revived, Union Club Toastmasters #331 was chartered  in September 1945 in Victoria. A huge Speechcraft was held in the summer of 1946 with 80 people enrolled. Thunderbird Toastmasters Club #396 was the result of this effort, they received their charter on July 20th, 1946. four days before the 1st Toastmasters International Convention in Seattle, Washington after the end of the war. It was a motion at the Conference that created District 21, after it had chartered 5 clubs, which was the minimum need for a District in 1946.

While the BC clubs were part of District 2 (covering Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana ,and British Columbia), some of the BC club members achived a part of Distict 2 History.

District Governor (1938-39) William Butchart, of Vancouver, British Columbia.
Lt. Governor, Frank Paulding of Victoria 1938-1939
Lt Governor of Area 6 (1945-46), Barry Goult of Victoria, BC.

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